4 tips to keep your phone battery in good physical shape

For any activity, it all starts with one thing. Getting started. And the whole process depends on consistency. There is not much better than good habits, and a habit can be developed in as little as 21 days.

Good habits can significantly improve your phone’s battery capacity. This means you have to charge it less often, it will take longer and if you ever sell the device, you will get more money for it.

Always update

The latest version of the software is usually the most efficient and optimal. That’s why it’s worth doing the updates as soon as possible.

Every charging counts

If you charge the phone battery from 10% to 100%, it is a single charge. If you charge twice from 60% to 100, it is also one charge. Battery capacity decreases slightly with each charge. That’s why you should only charge your phone if you really need it.

Screen light low

The lower is the intensity of power consumption of your phone’s battery, the less capacity it consumes. To do this, it is worth training yourself not to have an excessively bright screen and, if possible, use a wifi connection, not data communication is possible. And overall approach should be not to keep features working you do not use at the moment.

Use optimised charging

This means that the phone charges itself in the optimal mode. The phone learns you’r charging and usage patterns and charges the battery only when needed and at the right time.

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